Handful sig. Diiiv

[sig. Diiiv]

¶ If that I false my faith to thee, Or seeke to chaunge for any newe: If thoughts appeare so ill in me, (20) If thou thy life shall iustly rew, Such kinde of woe, of woe: As friende or foe, might to me showe: Betide me than, Or wurse if it may hap to man. (25) ¶ Then let vs ioy in this our loue: In spite of Fortunes wrath my deere: Twoo willes in one, as dooth behooue, One loue in both, let still appeare: And I will be, will be, (30) Piramus to thee my owne Thisbie, So thou againe, My constant louer shalt remaine.

A proper new Dity: Intituled Fie vpon Loue
and al his lawes. To the tune of lumber me. +

S Vch bitter fruict thy loue doth yeelde, Such broken sleepes, such hope vnsure, Thy call so oft hath me beguilde. That I vnneth can well indure: (5) But crie (alas) as I haue cause, Fie vpon Loue and all his Lawes. ¶ Like Piramus , I sigh and grone, Whom Stonie wals, keept from his loue, And as the wofull Paleman , (10) A thousand stormes, for thee I prooue, Yet thou a cruell Tigers whelpe, +All slaiest the hart, whom thou maist help.