Handful sig. Diiir

[sig. Diiir]

¶ And sith thou canst no man intice, (30) That he should stil loue thee alone: Thy beautie now hath lost her price, I see thy sauorie sent is gone. ¶ Therefore leaue off thy wonted plaie, But, as thou art, thou wilt appeare, (35) Unlesse thou canst deuise a waie, To dark the Sun that shines so cleare. ¶ And keep thy friend that thou hast won, In trueth to him thy loue supplie, Least he at length as I haue done, (40) Take off thy Belles and let thee flie. +

A Sonet of two faithfull Louers, exhorting
one another to be constant. +

To the tune of Kypascie. +

T He famous Prince of Macedon, +whose wars increst his worthy name Triumphed not so, when he had won By conquest great, immortall fame, (5) As I reioice, reioice, For thee, my choice, with heart and voice, Since thou art mine, Whom, long to loue, the Gods assigne. ¶ The secret flames of this my loue, (10) The stars had wrought ere I was borne, Whose sugred force my hart doth moue, And eke my will so sure hath sworne. that Fortunes lore, no more, though I therefore, did life abhore: (15) Shall neuer make, Forgetful dewes my heat to slake.