Handful sig. Diiiiv

[sig. Diiiiv]

(10) Ay flickring in my captiue brest: Since that time loe, in deepe dispaire, all voide of ioy, my time I weare. +¶ The wofull prisoner Palemon. And Troylus eke kinge Pyramus + sonne, (15) Constrained by loue did neuer mone: As I my deer for thee haue done. +Let pitie then requite my paines, +My life and death in thee remaines. +¶ If constant loue may reape his hire, +(20) And faith vnfained may purchace: +Great hope I haue to my desire. +Pour gentle hart wil grant me grace, Til then (my deer) in few words plaine, In pensiue thoughts I shall remaine. +

The lamentation of a woman being wrong-
fully defamed. To the tune of Damon & Pithias. +

Y Ou Ladies falsly deemd, of anie fault or crime: Command your pensiue harts to help this dolefull tune of mine: (5) For spitefull men there are, that faults would fain espie: Alas, what heart would heare their talke, but willingly would die. ¶ I waile oft times in woe, (10) and curse mine houre of birth, Such slanderous pangs do me oppresse, when others ioy in mirth: