Handful sig. Cvv

[sig. Cvv]

(65) Go seek you, and leek you an other guest, And choose him, and vse him, as you like best.

The ioy of Virginitie: to, The Gods of loue +

I Iudge and finde, how God doth minde, to furnish, to furnish his heauenly throne aboue. With virgins pure, this am I sure, (5) without misse, without misse: with other Saints he doth loue: It is allowed as you may reade, And eke auowed by Paul + indeede, Virginitie is accepted, (10) a thing high in Gods sight: Though marriage is selected, a thing to be most right: yet must I praise Virginitie, For I would faine a Uirgin be. (15) ¶ You Uirgins pure, your selues assure, and credite, and credite: great ioy you shall possesse, Which I (God knows) cannot disclose, nor spreade it, nor spreade it, (20) ne yet by pen expresse. Nor halfe the ioies that you shall finde, I can not iudge for you assignde: When hence your ghost shall yeelded be, into the throne of blisse: (25) In chaste and pure Uirginitie, for thought or deed y wisse: Wher you shal raign, with God on hieFor euermore eternally.