Handful sig. Cvr

[sig. Cvr]

It is the waie for to beguile, the Mice that run behind: And if she see them running, Then straightway she is comming: (40) Upon their head she claps her foote, To striue with her it is no boote. The seelie poore Mice dare neuer play, She catcheth and snatcheth them euery day, Yet whip they, & skip they, when she is away. (45) ¶ And if perhaps they fall in trap, to death then must they yeeld: They were better then, to haue kept their den than straie abroad the field: But they that will be ranging, (50) Shall soone repent their changing: And so shall you ere it be long, Wherefore remember well my song: And do not snuffe though I be plaine, But cherily, merily, take the same. (55) For huffing & snuffing deserueth blame. ¶ For where you say you must obay, the promise you haue made, So sure as I wil neuer flie, from that I haue said: (60) Therefore to them I leaue you, Which gladly wil receiue you: You must go choose some other mate, According to your own estate. For I do meane to liue in rest,