Handful sig. Cviv

[sig. Cviv]

Where is a breach, Oft times too late doth come the Leach: +(15) Sparks are put out, when fornace flames do rage about. +¶ Thine owne delay must win the field, When lust doth leade thy heart to yeeld: When steed is stolne, who makes al fast, (20) May go on foot for al his haste: +In time shut gate, For had I wist, doth come too late, +Fast bind, fast find, +Repentance alwaies commeth behind. +(25) ¶ The Syrens times oft time beguiles, So doth the teares of Crocodiles: But who so learnes Vlysses lore, May passe the seas, and win the shore. Stop eares, stand fast, (30) Through Cupids trips, thou shalt him cast:Flie baits, shun hookes, Be thou not snarde with louely lookes. ¶ Where Venus hath the maisterie, There loue hath lost her libertie: (35) where loue doth win the victorie, The fort is sackt with crueltie. First look, then leap, +In suretie so your shinnes you keepe: The snake doth sting, (40) That lurking lieth with hissing. Where Cupids fort hath made a waie, There graue aduise doth beare no swaie,