Handful sig. Cvir

[sig. Cvir]

¶ And when doubtlesse, you shal possesse, (30) with Iesus, with Iesus, these ioies celestiall. Then Ladie Fame, wil blaze your name, amongst vs, amongst vs, which then on earth raigne shal. (35) She wil resound in euerie coast, By trumpet sound, and wil you boast? So that although you do depart This mortall life so vaine: Your chastitie in euerie heart, (40) by memorie shall remaine. But hard it is, I saie no more, To finde an hundreth in a score. +


¶ A warning for Wooers, that they be not
ouer hastie, nor deceiued with womens
beautie. To, Salisburie Plaine. +

Y E louing wormes come learne of me The plagues to leaue that linked be: The grudge, the grief, the gret anoy, The fickle faith, the fading ioy: (5) in time, take heed, In fruitlesse soile sow not thy seed: buie not, with cost, the thing that yeelds but labour lost. ¶ If Cupids dart do chance to light, (10) So that affection dimmes thy sight, Then raise vp reason by and by, With skill thy heart to fortifie