Handful sig. Cviiv

[sig. Cviiv]

Some loueth too hie, and some too lowe, And of them both great griefs do grow, (75) And some do loue the common sort: And common folke vse common sport. Looke not too hie, Least that a chip fall in thine eie: +But hie or lowe, (80) Ye may be sure she is a shrow. ¶ But sirs, I vse to tell no tales, Ech fish that swims doth not beare scales, In euerie hedge I finde not thornes: Nor euerie beast doth carrie hornes: (85) I saie not so, That euerie woman causeth wo: That were too broad, Who loueth not venom must shun the tode. ¶ Who vseth still the truth to tel, (90) May blamed be though he saie wel: Say Crowe is white, and snowe is blacke, Lay not the fault on womans backe, Thousands were good, But few scapte drowning in Noes flood: (95) Most are wel bent, I must say so, least I be shent.


¶ An excellent Song of an outcast Louer. +

To, All in a Garden green. +

M Y fancie did I fixe, in faithful forme and frame: in hope ther shuld no blustring blast haue power to moue the same.