Handful sig. Cviir

[sig. Cviir]

Where Loue doth raigne and rule the roste, There reason is exilde the coast: (45) Like all, loue none, except ye vse discretion. First try, then trust, be not deceiued with sinful|(lust, +¶ Marke Priams sonne, his fond deuise When Venus did obtaine the price: For Pallas skil and Iunoes strength, (50) He chose that bred his bane at length. +Choos wit, leaue wil, let Helen be with Paris stil: Amis goeth al, wher fancie forceth fooles to fall. ¶ Where was there found a happier wight, Than Troylus was til loue did light? (55) What was the end of Romeus . Did he not die like Piramus who baths in blis? let him be mindful of Iphis who seeks to plese, may ridden be like Hercules. +¶ I lothe to tel the peeuish brawles, (60) And fond delights of Cupids thrawles, Like momish + mates of Midas mood, They gape to get that doth no good: Now down, now vp as tapsters vse to tosse the ||(Cup One breedeth ioy, another breeds as great anoy(65) ¶ Some loue for wealth, and some for hue, And none of both these loues are true. For when the Mil hath lost hir sailes, Then must the Miller lose his vailes: Of grasse commeth hay, +(70) And flowers faire wil soon decay: Of ripe commeth rotten, +In age al beautie is forgotten.