Handful sig. Cviiiv

[sig. Cviiiv]

(35) Performance of the promise past, was hopte for of ech side: ¶ And lookt for out of hand: such vowes did we two make, As God himself had present been, (40) record thereof to take. ¶ And for my part I sweare, by all the Gods aboue, I neuer thought of other friend, nor sought for other loue. (45) ¶ The same consent in her, I saw ful oft appeare, If eies could see, or head could iudge, or eare had power to heare. ¶ Yet loe words are but winde, +(50) an other new come guest, Hath won her fauour (as I feare) as fancies rise in brest. Her friend that wel deserues, is out of countenaunce quite, (55) She makes the game to see me shoot, while others hit the white. +He way wel beat the bush, as manie thousands doo: And misse the birds, and haply loose, +(60) his part of feathers too. ¶ He hops without the ring, yet daunceth on the trace, When some come after soft and faire, a heauie hobling pace. +