Handful sig. Cviiir

[sig. Cviiir]

(5) ¶ And as the Gods do know, and world can witnesse beare: I neuer serued other Saint, nor Idoll other where. +¶ But one, and that was she, (10) whom I in heart did shrine: And made account that pretious pearle, and iewel rich was mine. ¶ No toile, nor labour great, could wearie me herein: (15) For stil I had a Iasons heart, +the golden fleece to win. +¶ And sure my sute was hearde, I spent no time in vaine: A grant of friendship at her hand, (20) I got to quite my paine. With solemne vowe and othe. was knit the True-loue knot, And friendly did we treat of loue, as place and time we got. (25) ¶ Now would we send our sighes, as far as they might go, Now would we worke with open signes, to blaze our inward wo. ¶ Now rings and tokens too, (30) renude our friendship stil, And ech deuice that could be wrought, exprest our plaine goodwill, True meaning went withall, it cannot be denide: