Handful sig. Cir

[sig. Cir]

I wil shew her fidelitie, And eke declare her curtesie, to Louers far and nie: (45) O heart how happie shouldst thou be, When my Ladie doth smile on me: Whose milde merie cheare, Wil driue away feare, Cleane from my brest, and set ioy in the place (50) when I shall kisse so tenderly: Her fingers small and slenderly, which doth my heart solace, &c. Therefore ye amorous imps who burne so stil in Cupids fire, (55) Let this the force of my retireExample be to your desire, That so to loue aspire: For I did make deniance, And set her at defiance: (60) Which made me full wo, it chanced so, Because I look at my mistresse so coy: Therefore, when she is merily Disposed, look you curteously: Receiue her for your ioy. (65) Receiue her for your ioy.

Finis. I. Tomson.

The Louer compareth some subtile Suters
to the Hunter. To the tune of the Painter. +

W Hen as the Hunter goeth out, with hounds in brace.