Handful sig. Ciiv

[sig. Ciiv]

Who with the loue of Thisbie bright, (20) did cares renue: It came to passe, their secrets was, beknowne vnto them both: And then in minde, they place do finde, where they their loue vnclothe. (25) ¶ This loue they vse long tract of time, till it befell: At last they promised to meet at prime, by Minus well: +Where they might louingly imbrace, (30) in loues delight: That he might see his Thisbies face, and she his sight: In ioyful case, she approcht the place, where she her Pyramus (35) Had thought to viewd, but was renewd, to them most dolorous. ¶ Thus while she staies for Pyramus, there did proceed: Out of the wood a Lion fierce, (40) made Thisbie dreed: And as in haste she fled awaie, her Mantle fine: The Lion tare in stead of praie, till that the time (45) That Pyramus proceeded thus, and see how lion tare The Mantle this of Thisbie his, he desperately doth fare.