Handful sig. Ciir

[sig. Ciir]

¶ But I am none of those indeed, beleeue me now: I am your man if you me need, (35) I make a vow: To serue you without doublenesse: With feruent heart my owne mistresse, Demaund me, commaund me, what please ye, and whan, (40) I wil be stil readie, as I am true man.

A new Sonet of Pyramus and Thisbie. +

To the, Downe right Squier. +

Y Ou Dames (I say) that climbe the |(mount of Helicon , Come on with me, and giue account, what hath been don: (5) Come tell the chaunce ye Muses all, and dolefull newes, Which on these Louers did befall, which I accuse. In Babilon not long agone, (10) a noble Prince did dwell: whose daughter bright dimd ech ones sight, so farre she did excel. ¶ An other Lord of high reuowne, who had a sonne: (15) And dwelling there within the towne, great loue begunne: Pyramus this noble Knight, I tel you true: