Handful sig. Ciiiv

[sig. Ciiiv]

How these two Louers did agree, (80) to die in distresse: You Muses waile, and do not faile, but still do you lament: These louers twaine, who with such paine, did die so well content.

Finis. I. Tomson.

A Sonet of a Louer in the praise of his lady.

To Calen o Custure me: sung at euerie lines end. +

W Hen as I view your comly grace, Ca. &c +Your golden haires, your angels face: Your azured veines much like the skies, Your siluer teeth your Christall eies. (5) Your Corall lips, your crimson cheeks, That Gods and men both loue and leekes. ¶ Your pretie mouth with diuers gifts, Which driueth wise men to their shifts: So braue, so fine, so trim, so yong, (10) With heauenlie wit and pleasant tongue, That Pallas though she did excell, Could frame ne tel a tale so well. ¶ Your voice so sweet, your necke so white, your bodie fine and small in sight: (15) Your fingers long so nimble be, To vtter foorth such harmonie, As all the Muses for a space: To sit and heare do giue you place. ¶ Your pretie foot with all the rest, (20) That may be seene or may be gest: