Handful sig. Ciiiiv

[sig. Ciiiiv]

You must go seeke some other wight, That better may your heart delight. For I am sped I tell you true, (10) beleeu me it greeus me, I may not haue you, To wed you & bed you as a woman shold be ¶ For if I could, be sure I would, consent to your desire: I would not doubt, to bring about, (15) ech thing you would require: But promise now is made, Which cannot be staide: It is a womans honestie, To keep her promise faithfully. (20) And so I do meane til death to do. Consider and gather, that this is true: Choose it, and vse it, the honester you. ¶ But if you seek, for to misleeke, with this that I haue done: (25) Or else disdaine, that I so plaine this talke with you haue begone: Farewell I wil not let you, He fisheth wel that gets you. +And sure I thinke your other friend, (30) Wil prooue a Cuckold in the end: But he wil take heed if he be wise, To watch you & catch you, with Argus eies, Besetting and letting your wonted guise. ¶ Although the Cat doth winke a while, (35) yet sure she is not blinde: +