Handful sig. Ciiiir

[sig. Ciiiir]

Doth beare such shape, that beautie may Giue place to thee and go her way: And Paris nowe must change his doome, For Venus lo must giue thee roome. (25) ¶ Whose gleams doth heat my hart as fier, Although I burne, yet would I nier: Within my selfe then can I say: The night is gone, behold the day: Behold the star so cleare and bright, (30) As dimmes the sight of Phoebus light: ¶ Whose fame by pen for to discriue, Doth passe ech wight that is aliue: Then how dare I with boldned face, Presume to craue or wish your grace? (35) And thus amazed as I stand, Not feeling sense, nor moouing hand. ¶ My soule with silence moouing sense, Doth wish of God with reuerence, Long life, and vertue you possesse: (40) To match those gifts of worthinesse, And loue and pitie may be spide, To be your chief and onely guide.

¶ A proper Sonet, Intituled, Maid, wil yon
marrie. To the Blacke Almaine. +

M Aid, wil you marie? I pray sir tarie, I am not disposed to wed a: For he that shal haue me, wil neuer de-|(ny me he shal haue my maidenhed a. (5) Why then you wil not wed me? No sure sire I haue sped me,