Handful sig. Bviiv

[sig. Bviiv]

Of natures gifts he had no misse, Lady, lady He had the whole of beauties blisse, My deere. ¶ So that out of manie a far Countrey, I reade of manie a woman faire, (35) Did come this Narcissus to see, Who perished when they came there, Through his default I say in fine, lady, lady Who vnto loue would not incline. My deer. ¶ Whose disobedience vnto loue, (40) When vnto Venus it did appeare. How that his hart would not remoue, She punisht him as you shal heare: A thing most strange forsooth it was, Ladie, Ladie. (45) Now harken how it came to passe, My deer. ¶ For when he went vpon a daie, With other mo in strange disguise, Himself forsooth he did aray In womans attire of a new deuise, (50) And ouer a bridge as he did go. Ladie, ladie. In the water he sawe his own shadow, My.¶ Which when he did perceiue and see, A Ladie faire he saith it seemeth: Forgat himself that it was he, (55) And iudgde that it was Dianaes Nymph, Who in the waters in such fashion, Lady, la Did vse themselues for recreation, My deer. +¶ And through the beautie of whose looks, Taken he was with such fond desire, (60) That after manie humble sutes,