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[sig. Bviiir]

Incontinent he did aspire. Unto her grace him to refer, Ladie, Ladie Trusting that merrie was in her, My deer, &c. ¶ With armes displaid he took his race, +(65) And leapt into the riuer there, And thought his Ladie to imbrace, Being of himselfe, deuoid of feare, And there was drownd without redresse, |(Ladie, Ladie. His crueltie rewarded was, (70) with such follie. ¶ Loe, hereby you may perceiue, How Venus can, and if she please, Her disobedient Subiects grieue, And make them drinke their owne disease, +(75) Wherfore rebel not I you wish, Lady, lady. Least that your chaunce be worse than this, if worse may be.


The Louer complaineth the losse of his Ladie. +

To Cicilia Pauin. +

H Eart, what makes thee thus to be, in extreame heauinesse? If care do cause all thy distresse, Why seekest thou not some redresse, (5) to ease thy carefulnesse? Hath Cupid stroke in Uenerie, Thy wofull corps in ieoperdie: right wel then may I sob and crie, Til that my Mistresse deer, my faith may trie (10) Why would I cloake from her presence, My loue and faithfull diligence?