Handful sig. Biv

[sig. Biv]

What iudgement canst thou giue: how dost thou plead thy case: It was not she that did thee wound, although thou seest her face: (65) Ne could her beautie so, inchaunt or vex thy sprites, Ne feature hers so comely framde, could weaken so thy wits. But that thou mightest haue showne (70) the cause to her indeed, Who spares to speak, thy self dost know, doth faile of grace to speede. +¶ By this thou saiest, thou soughtst the meansof torments that you beare, (75) By this thou wouldest men take heede, and learne of loue to feare: For taking holde thou telst, to flie it is too late, +And no where canst thou shrowd thy self, (80) but Care must be thy mate. Though loue do pleasure seeme, yet plagues none such there are: Therefore all louers now thou willst, of liking to beware. (85) ¶ Thy self hath sought the meane and way,and none but thou alone: Of all the grief and care you beare, as plainely it is showne: Then why should men take heed, (90) thy counsell is vnfit: