Handful sig. Bir

[sig. Bir]

And sets thee midst the princely Dames, of Beauties famous fort: +And meaning wel thou saiest, as one not bent to loue, (35) Then Cupid he constrains thee yeeld, as thou thy self canst prooue. ¶ Faire Ladies lookes in libertie, enlarged not thy paine: Ne yet the sight of gorgeous Dames, (40) could cause thee thus complaine. It was thy self indeed, that causd thy pining woe, Thy wanton wil, and idle minde, causd Cupid strike the blow: (45) Blame not his craft, nor vs that Beauties darlings be, Accuse thy selfe to seeke thy care, thy fancie did agree. ¶ There is none thou saist, that can (50) more truely iudge the case: Than thou that hast the wound receiu’de, by sight of Ladies face. Her beautie thee bewitcht, thy minde that erst was free: (55) Her corps so comely framd, thou saiest, did force thee to agree: +Thou gauest thy self it seemes, her bondman to abide, Before that her good willingnesse, (60) of thee were knowen and tride.