Handful sig. Avv

[sig. Avv]

How oft haue I excuses made, (20) of her to haue a sight? But now to fortunes wil, I caused am to bow. And for to reape a hugie heape, +which youthful yeares did sow. (25) ¶ Wherefore all ye which do as yet, remaine and bide behind: Whose eies dame beauties blazing beams, as yet did neuer blind. Example let me be, (30) to you and other more: Whose heauie hart, hath felt the smart, subdued by Cupids lore. ¶ Take heed of gazing ouer much, +on Damsels faire vnknowne: (35) For oftentimes the Snake doth lie, +with roses ouergrowde: And vnder fairest flowers, do noisome Adders lurke: Of whom take heed, I thee areed: (40) least that thy cares they worke. ¶What though that she doth smile on thee, perchance shee doth not loue: And though she smack thee once or twice, she thinks thee so to prooue, (45) And when that thou dost thinke, she loueth none but thee: She hath in store, perhaps some more, which so deceiued be,