Handful sig. Avr

[sig. Avr]

Then Diophon here to purchase fame, +hath done this taske: Tantara tara tantara, (50) returnd he is againe, To leade his life, with thee his wife, in ioie without disdaine. Tantara tara tantara, &c.

Finis. L. G. +

¶ A proper new Song made by a Studient
in Cambridge, To the tune of I wish to
see those happie daies. +

I Which was once a happie wight, and hie in Fortunes grace: And which did spend my golden prime, in running pleasures race, (5) Am now enforst of late, contrariwise to mourne, Since fortune ioies, into annoies, my former state to turne. ¶ The toiling oxe, the horse, the asse, (10) haue time to take their rest, Yea all things else which Nature wrought, sometimes haue ioies in brest: Saue onelie I and such which vexed are with paine: (15) For still in teares, my life it weares, and so I must remaine. ¶How oft haue I in folded armes, enioied my delight,