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[sig. Aviv]

That modestie with honestie, (80) may guide your youthfull race.

Finis quod Thomas Richardson, sometime
Student in Cambridge.

¶ The scoffe of a Ladie, as pretie as may be,
to a yong man that went a wooing:
He went stil about her, & yet he went without |(her,
because he was so long a dooing. +

A Ttend thee, go play thee, Sweet loue I am busie: my silk and twist is not yet spun: My Ladie will blame me, (5) If that she send for me, and find my worke to be vndun: How then? How shall I be set me? To say loue did let me? (10) Fie no, it will not fit me, It were no scuse for me. ¶ If loue were attained, My ioies were vnfained, my seame and silke wil take no hold: (15) Oft haue I beene warned, By others proofe learned: hote wanton loue soone waxeth cold, +Go now: I say go pack thee, (20) Or my needle shal prick thee: