Handful sig. Avir

[sig. Avir]

¶ Trust not therefore the outward shew (50) beware in anie case: For good conditions do not lie, where is a pleasant face: But if it be thy chaunce, a louer true to haue: (55) Be sure of this, thou shalt not misse, ech thing that thou wilt craue. ¶ And when as thou (good Reader) shalt peruse this scrole of mine: Let this a warning be to thee, (60) and saie a friend of thine, Did write thee this of loue, and of a zealous mind: Because that he sufficiently, hath tried the female kind. (65) ¶ Here Cambridge now I bid farewell, adue to Students all: Adue vnto the Colledges, and vnto Gunuil Hall: +And you my fellowes once, (70) pray vnto Ioue that I May haue releef, for this my grief, and speedie remedie. ¶And that he shield you euerichone, from Beauties luring looks: (75) Whose baite hath brought me to my baine, and caught me from my Books: Wherefore, for you, my praier shall be, to send you better grace,