Handful sig. Aviiv

[sig. Aviiv]

Your businesse is slacking, Your louer is packing: your answer hath cut off his comb. +How then? (55) The fault was in him sir, He wooed it so trim sir, Alas poore seelie fellow, Make much of thy pillow. Make much of thy pillow. +


An answer as pretie to the scof of his Lady,
by the yongman that came a wooing,
Wherein he doth flout her,
Being glad he went without her,
Misliking both her and her dooing. +

A Las Loue, why chafe ye? Why fret ye, why fume ye? to me it seemeth verie strange, Me thinks ye misuse me, (5) So soone to refuse me, vnlesse you hope of better change: Wel, wel: Wel now, I perceiue ye, You are mindful to leaue me: (10) Now sure it doth grieue me: That I am vnworthie: That I am vnworthie. +¶ I mean not to let ye, nor I can not forget |(ye it wil not so out of my minde: (15) My loue is not daintie, I see you haue plenty, that set so little by your friend.