Handful sig. Aviir

[sig. Aviir]

Go seeke out Dame Idle: More fit for thy bridle, More fit for thy bridle. +¶ Wel worthie of blaming, (25) For thy long detaining, all vaine it is that thou hast done: Best now to be wandring, Go vaunt of thy winning, and tell thy Dame what thou hast won: (30) Say this: Then say as I bade thee: That the little dogge Fancie, Lies chaste without moouing, And needeth no threatning, (35) For feare of wel beating. For feare of wel beating. +¶ The boy is gone lurking, Good Ladies be working, dispatch a while that we had done, +(40) The tide will not tarrie, +All times it doth varie, The day doth passe, I see the Sun, The frost bites faire flowers, +Lets worke at due howres, (45) Haste, haste, and be merie, Till our needles be werie. Till our needles be werie, ¶ Now Ladies be merie, Because you are werie: (50) leaue worke I say, and get you home,