Handful sig. Aviiiv

[sig. Aviiiv]

T He life that erst thou ledst my friend, was pleasant to thine eies: But now the losse of libertie, thou seemest to despise. (5) Where then thou ioiedst thy will, now thou doest grudge in heart: Then thou no paine nor grief didst feele, but now thou pinest in smart. What mooued thee vnto loue, (10) expresse and tell the same: Saue fancie thine, that heapt thy paine, the follie learne to blame. ¶ For when thou freedome didst enioie, thou gauest thy selfe to ease, (15) And letst self-will the ruling beare, thy fancie fond to please: Then stealing Cupid came, with bow and golden dart: He struck the stroke, at pleasure he (20) that now doth paine thy hart: Blame not the Gods of loue, But blame thy self thou maist: For freedome was disdaind of thee, and bondage more thou waiest. (25) ¶ Who list, thou saist, to liue at rest, and freedome to possesse: The sight of gorgeous Dames must shun, least loue do them distresse: +Thou blamest Cupidoes craft, (30) who strikes in stealing sort: