Handful sig. Aviiir

[sig. Aviiir]

Goe too spin on now I pray you, I list not to |(stay, I will goe play me: I am vnfit for you, &c. (20) Leaue off to flout now, & prick on your clout + |(now you are a daintie Dame indeed, And thogh of your taunting, I may make my |(vaunting as bad or worse than I shal speed: Sweet heart, though now you forsake it. (25) I trust you wil take it: and sure I spak it, ss fine as you make it, &c Now wil I be trudging, without anie grud-∣(ging I am content to giue you ground: Good reson doth bind me, to leue you behind |(me, (30) for you are better lost than found: To play, go seeke out Dame pleasure: You are a trim treasure, Wise women be daintie, Of fooles there be plentie, &c. (35) ¶ If I might aduise ye, few words shuld suf-∣(fice ye & yet you shold bestow them wel: Maids must be manerly, not ful of scurility, wherein I see you do excel, Farewel good Nicibicetur, +(40) God send you a sweeter, A lustie lim lifter, you are a trim shifter, &c.

Finis. Peter Picks.

¶ Dame Beauties replie to the Louer late at
libertie: and now complaineth himselfe
to be her captiue, Intituled: Where is
the life that late I led. +