Handful sig. Aiiv

[sig. Aiiv]

(25)Rosemarie is for remembrance, +betweene vs daie and night: Wishing that I might alwaies haue, you present in my sight. And when I cannot haue, (30) as I haue said before. Then Cupid with his deadly dart, doth wound my heart full sore. ¶Sage + is for sustenance, that should mans life sustaine, (35) For I do stil lie languishing, continually in paine, And shall do stil vntil I die, except thou fauour show: My paine and all my greeuous smart, (40) ful wel you do it know. Fenel + is for flaterers, an euil thing it is sure: But I haue alwaies meant truely, with constant heart most pure: (45) And will continue in the same, as long as life doth last, Still hoping for a ioiful daie, when all our paines be past. Violet is for faithfulnesse, (50) which in me shall abide: Hoping like wise that from your heart, you wil not let it slide. And wil continue in the same, as you haue nowe begunne: