Handful sig. Aiir

[sig. Aiir]

A Nosegaie alwaies
sweet, for Louers to send for Tokens,
of loue, at Newyeres tide, or for fairings,
as they in their minds shall be disposed to write. +

A Nosegaie lacking flowers fresh, to you now I do send. Desiring you to look thereon, when that you may intend: (5) For flowers fresh begin to fade, and Boreas in the field, Euen with his hard coniealed frost, no better flowers doth yeeld: ¶ But if that winter could haue sprung, (10) a sweeter flower than this, I would haue sent it presently to you withouten misse: Accept this then as time doth serue, be thankful for the same, (15) Despise it not, but keep it well, and marke ech flower his name. Lauander + is for louers true, which euermore be faine: Desiring alwaies for to haue, (20) some pleasure for their pain: And when that they obtained haue, the loue that they require, Then haue they al their perfect ioie, and quenched is the fire.