Handful sig. Aiiiv

[sig. Aiiiv]

(85) For they will come with lying tales, your eares for to fulfil: In anie case do you consent, nothing vnto their wil. Marigolds is for marriage, (90) that would out minds suffise, Least that suspition of vs twaine, by anie meanes should rise: As for my part, I do not care, my self I wil stil vse. (95) That all the women in the world, for you I will refuse. Peniriall + is to print your loue, so deep within my heart: That when you look this Nosegay on, (100) my pain you may impart, And when that you haue read the same, consider wel my wo, Think ye then how to recompence, euen him that loues you so. (105)Cowsloppes is for counsell, +for secrets vs between, That none but you and I alone, should know the thing we meane: And if you wil thus wisely do, (110) as I think to be best: Then haue you surely won the field, and set my heart at rest. I pray you keep this Nosegay wel, and set by it some store: