Handful sig. Aiiir

[sig. Aiiir]

(55) And then for euer to abide, then you my heart haue wonne. Time + is to trie me, as ech be tried must, [Le]ting you know while life doth last, (60) I wil not be vniust, And if I should I would to God, to hell my soule should beare. And eke also that Belzebub, with teeth he should me teare. (65)Roses is to rule me. with reason as you will, For to be still obedient, your minde for to fulfill: And thereto will not disagree, (70) in nothing that you say: But will content your mind truely, in all things that I may. Ieliflowers + is for gentlenesse, which in me shall remaine: (75) Hoping that no sedition shal, depart our hearts in twaine. As soone the sunne shal loose his course, the moone against her kinde, Shall haue no light, if that I do (80) once put you from my minde. Carnations is for gratiousnesse, marke that now by the way, Haue no regard to flatterers, nor passe not what they say.