Handful sig. Aiiiiv

[sig. Aiiiiv]

¶A ioifull sight my hearts delight, my Diophon deere: (20) Thy comely grace, I do embrace, with ioiful cheere: Tantara tara tantara, what pleasant sound is this, Which brought to me with victorie, (25) my ioy and onely blisse. Tantara tara tantara, &c.
Diophon. My Queene and wife, my ioy and life in whom I minde: In euery part, the trustiest hart, (30) that man can finde. Tantara tara tantara, me thinks I heare your praise, Your vertues race in euerie place, which trumpet so doth raise. (35) Tantara tara tantara, &c. ¶ Now welcome home to Siria soile, from battered field: That valiantly thy foes did foile, +with speare and shield: (40) Tantara tara tantara, me thinks I heare it still, Thy sounding praise, abroad to raise, with trump that is most shrill, Tantara tara tantara, &c. (45) ¶ If honour and fame, O noble Dame, such deeds do aske: