Handful sig. Aiiiir

[sig. Aiiiir]

(115) And thus farewel, the Gods thee guide, both now and euermore. Not as the common sort do vse, to set it in your brest: That when the smel is gone away, (120) on ground he takes his rest.


L. Gibsons Tantara, wherin Danea wel-
commeth home her Lord Diophon from the war. +

To the tune of, Down right Squire. +

Y Ou Lordings, cast off your weedes of ||(wo +me thinks I heare A trumpet shril which plain doth show my Lord is neare: (5) Tantara tara tantara, +this trumpet glads our hearts, Therefore to welcome home your King, you Lordings plaie your parts, Tantara tara tantara, &c. (10) ¶ Harke harke, me thinkes I heare again, this trumpets voice, He is at hand this is certaine, wherefore reioice. Tantara tara tantara, &c. (15) this trumpet still doth say, With trumpets blast, all dangers past, doth shew in Marshall ray.