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(105) Wherwith beneath her pap (alas) into her brest shee strake, Saying thus will I die for him, that thus dyed for my sake: The purple Skarlet streames downe ran, & shee her close doth lay Unto her loue him kissing still, as life did pyne away.
Lo thus they lou’d and died, and dead, one tombe them graued there, (110) And Mulberies in signe of woe, from white to blacke turnde were.


❧ The lamentacion of a Gentilwoman
vpon the death of her late deceased frend
William Gruffith Gent. +

A doutfull, dying, dolefull, Dame, Not fearing death, nor forcing life: Nor caring ought for flitting fame, Emongst such sturdy stormes of strife: (5) Here doth shee mourne and write her will, Vpon her liked Louers ende: Graunt (Muses nyne) your sacred skill, Helpe to assist your mournfull freend: Embouldned with your Nimphish ayde, (10) Shee will not cease, but seeke to singe: And eke employ her willing head, Her Gruffithes prayse, with ruthe to ringe. +
W Ith Poets pen, I doo not preace to write, Mineruaes mate, I doo not boast to bee: (15) Parnassus Mount (I speake it for no spite) Can cure my cursed cares, I playnly see: For why? my hart contaynes as many woes As euer Hector did amongst his foes.