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(55) Hee prays’d him out as worldly freends doo vse, And vttered all the skill that God had sent: But I? am shee that neuer will refuse, +But as I am, so will I still bee bent: No blastes shall blow, my lincked loue awry, (60) Oh? would the Gods, with Gruffith I might dye. Then had it been that I poore silly Dame, Had, had no neede to blot this scratched scroule: Then Virgins fist, had not set forth the fame, How God hath gripte, my Gruffithes sacred soule: (65) But woe is mee, I liue in pinching payne, No wight doth know, what sorowes I sustayne. Unhappy may that drowsie day bee nam’d, Wherin I first, possest my vitall breath: And eke I wish, that day that I was fram’d, (70) In stead of life I had receiued death: Then with these woes, I needed not to waste, Which now (alas) in euery vayne I taste. Some Zoylus sot, will thinke it lightly doone, Because I mone, my mate, and louer, so (75) Some Momus match, this scroule will ouerronne, But loue is lawlesse, euery wight doth know: Sith loue doth lend mee such a freendly scope, Disdaynfull dogs I may despise (I hope) Wherfore I doo, attempt so much the more, (80) By this good hope, to shew my slender arte: And mourne I must (who) neuer marckt before, What fretting force doo holde eche heauy hart: But now I see that Gruffithes greedy graue, Doth make mee feele, the fits which louers haue. (85) My mournfull Muse, (good Ladyes) take in worth, And spare to speake the worst, but iudge the best: For this is all, that I dare publish forth, The rest recorded is, within my brest: And there is lodg’d, for euer to remayne, (90) Till God doth graunt (by death) to ease my payne.