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And when that death is come to pay her due, +With all the paynes, that shee can well inuent: Yet to my Gruffith, will I still be true, Hap death, holde life, my minde is fully bent: (95) Before I will our secret loue disclose, To Tantals paynes, my body I dispose. So liue I shall, when death hath spit her spight, And Lady (Fame) will spread my prayse I know: And Cupids Knights, will neuer cease to write, (100) And cause my name, through (Europe) for to flow: And they that know what (Cupid) can preuayle, Will blesse the ship, that floates with such a sayle. If I had part of Pallas learned skill, Or if ( Caliope ) would lend her ayde: +(105) By tracte of time, great volumes I would fill, My Gruffithes prayse in wayling verse to spread: But (I poore I) as I haue sayd before, Doo wayle, to want, Mineruaes learned lore. By helpe (I hope) these ragged rymes shall goe, (110) Entituled as louers lyues should bee: And scape the chyding chaps of euery foe, To prayse that man, who was best likte of mee: Though death hath shapte, his most vntimely end, Yet for his prayse, my tristiue tunes I send. (115) In hope, the Gods who guide the heauens aboue, His buryed corps, aliue agayne will make: And haue remorce of Ladyes lincked loue, As once they did for good Admetus sake: Or change him els, into some flower to weare, (120) As erst they did, transforme Narscissus fayre. So should I then, possesse my former freend, Restor’d to lyfe, as Alcest was from Hell, Or els the Gods, some flagrant flower would send, Which for his sake, I might both weare and smell: (125) Which flower, out of my hand shall neuer passe, But in my harte, shall haue a sticking place.