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If then I say the feare of further blame, Caus’d you refrayne your Louers wished sight: And forst restraynt did equall then impart, (105) And cause you taste, what payne in loue may bee: When absence driues, assured hartes to part. Thy pitty then (O Queene) now not denye To mee poore wretch, who feeles no lesse a payne: If humayne brests, so much as heauenly may: (110) Haue ruthe on him, who doth to thee complayne, And onely helpe of thee, doth lowly pray: Graunt Goddesse mine, thou mayst it vndertake, At least wise (Lady) ere this life decay: Graunt I beseeche so happy mee to make, (115) That yet by worde, I may to her bewrayMy wonderous woes: and then if yee so please, Looke when you lust, let death my body ease.
T Hus praying fast, ful fraught with cares, I leaue this wofull ||(man, And turne I will to greater greefe, then minde immagin can: (120) But who now shall them writ since wit, denayeth the some to |(thinke, Confusedly in Thisbies brest, that flow aboue the brinke? Not, I for though of mine owne store, I want no woes to write, Yet lacke I termes and cunning both, them aptly to recite. For Cunnings clyffe I neuer clombe, nor dranke of Science spring (125) Ne slept vpon the happy hill, from whence Dame Rhetorique rings. And therfore all, I doo omit, and wholy them resigne, To iudgment of such wofull Dames, as in like case hath bin. This will I tel how Thisbie thus, opprest with dollors all, Doth finde none ease but day and night, her Pyramus to call: (130) For lost is slepe and banisht is, all gladsome lightes delight, In short of case and euery helpe, eche meane shee hath in spight: In langor long, this life shee led, till hap as fortune pleased, To further fates that fast ensue, with her own thought her eased: For this shee thinkes, what distance may, or mansions bee between (135) Or where now stands so cruell wall, to part them as is seene O feeble wit forduld with woe, awake thy wandering thought, Seeke out, thou shalt assured finde, shall bring thy cares to nought.