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And where before (Dame Kinde) her selfe, did wonder to beholde Her highe bequests within their shape, Dame Beauty did vnfold: (70) Now doth shee maruel much and say, how faded is that red? And how is spent that white so pure, it wont to ouerspred. For now late lusty Piramus, more fresh then flower in May, As one forlorne with constant minde, doth seeke his ending day: Since Thisbe mine is lost sayth hee, I haue no more to lose, (75) Wherfore make speed, thou happy hand, these eyes of mine shall |(close.Abasid is his princely port, cast of his regall weede, Forsaken are assemblies all, and lothed the foming steed: No ioy may pearce his pensiue mynde, vnlesse a wofull brest May ioyed bee, with swarmes of care, in haples hart that rest: (80) And thus poore Piramus distrest, of humaine succor all, Deuoyd to Venus Temple goes, and prostrate downe doth fal: And there of her, with hart I korue, and sore tormented mindes, Thus askes hee ayd, and of his woes, the Fardell thus vnbindes.
O Great Goddesse, of whose immortal fire, (85) Uertue in Erbe, might neuer quench the flame: Ne mortall sence, yet to such skill aspire, As for loues hurt a medecine once to name: +With what deare price, my carefull pyned ghost, Hath tried this true, and ouer true alas: (90) My greefeful eyes, that sight hath almost lost, And brest through darted, with thy golden Mace. +Full well declare, though all that mee beholde, Are iudges, and wonders of my deadly wo: But thou alone, mayst helpe therfore vnfolde, (95) Els helples (Lady) streight will knap in two The feeble thread, yet stayes my lingering life. +Wherfore, if loue, thy sacred Goddes brest? Did euer presse, or if most dreadly griefe, And causeles not thy inward soule opprest: (100) When crooked Vulcane , to your common shame, Bewrayed of stolen ioyes, thy sweet delight: