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[sig. Oiir]

With this some hope, nay, as it were a new reuiued minde, Did promis straight her pensiue hart, immediate helpe to finde: (140) And forth she steres, with swifted pace, ech place she seeks throughout No stay may let her hasty foote, till all be vewed about. Wherby at length from all the rest, a wall aloofe that lyes, And corner wise did buyldings part, with ioyful eye shee spyes: And scarcely then her pearcing looke, one blinke therof had got, (145) But that firme hope of good successe, within her fancy shot: Then fast her eye shee roules about, and fast shee seekes to see, If any meane may there bee found, her comfort for to bee: And as her carefull looke shee cast, and euery part aright Had vewed wel, a litle rifte appeared to her sight, (150) Which (as it seemed) through the wall, the course the issue had: Wherwith shee sayd (O happy wall) mayst thou so blist be made, That yet sometimes within thy bandes, my dere hart Pyramus : Thou doost possesse if hap so worke, I will assay thee thus. And from about the heauenly shape, her midle did present (155) Shee did vnlose heer girdle riche, and pendent therof hent. And with her fingers long and small, on tipto so shee wrought, That through the wall to open sight, she hath the pendant brought That doone shee stayes, and to the wall she closely layes her eare, To vnderstand if any wight, on th’ other side yet were: (160) And whiles to harken thus shee stands, a wonderous thing behold Poore Pyramus in Venus Church, that all his minde had tolde. Performed his vowes and prayers eke, now ended all and dun, Doth to his Chamber fast returne, with hart right wo begun: Euen to the same where Thisbie stayd, to see if fortune please, (165) To smooth her browes and her distresse, with any helpe to ease: Hee as his woonted vsage was, the Chamber once within, Lockes fast the doore with fresh complaynts, new sorrow to begin. But euen lo as his backe hee turned vnto the closed dore, Aglimpse of light the pendant gaue, his visage iust before: (170) Let in his face, with speedy pace, and as hee nearer drew, With wel contented minde forthwith, his Thisbies signe he knew And when his trembling hand for ioy, the same receyued had, And hee ten hundreth times it kist, then thus to it hee sayd.