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Yee Thisbie mine, in sooth, and say you so (Quoth Pyramus ) well then I doo you know: Where King Minus , lyes buried long ago, +(285) Whose auncient Tombe aboue, doth ouergrow A Mulbery, with braunches making shade, Of pleasant show, the place right large about: There if yee please, when slepe hath ouerlade, And with his might, the Cittie seas’de throughout: (290) At the same Well, whose siluer streames then runne. And softe as silke, conserue the tender greene: With hue so fresh, as springtied spent and dunne, No winters weede, hath power to bee seene: Without suspect, or feare of foule report, (295) There goddesse mine, wee salfely may resort.
T O this shee said, what shee best thought, and oft and oft agayne, Was talke renued, but yet at last, for ease of euery payne: And death to eschue by other meane, who will them not forsake, At Minus Tombe, euen that same night, they do their meeting make (300) And so depart, but sore God wot, that day doth them offend, And though but short his long abode, the feare will neuer end. And sooner doth not cloake of night, alofte his shadow cast, But Thisbie mindefull of her loue, and promis lately past Of fresh new loue, far fiercer flames, that erst her hart opprest, (305) Shee feelth the force, and this (alas) deuorced stil from rest: Shee passeth forth in carefull watch, till time haue shapen so, That slepe with sweet, soft stealing steps his customd vsage doAnd when shee seeth both house and all drownd therin fast & deepe, With fearful pace & trimbling hand, shee forwards gins to creepe: (310) Shee gaines the doore, out goeth she then, & neyther far ne neare, Appeareth wyght saue Phebe fayre, with gladsom seeming cheare Sole Thisbie ioyfull of this guyde, doth ay I trust it bee, Good lucke thy presence doth import, and bring at last to mee: More hardyer then before shee did, prouoke her foote to hast, (315) No obiect giues her cause of let, till shee the towne haue past: And when shee seeth the pleasant fields in safetie to haue gayned, Then ioy therof all dread deuoures, which erst her only payned.