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[sig. Niiv]

A briefe Caueat, to shun fawning friends. +

T Ry, ere thou trust, vnto a fawning freend, +Giue no regard, vnto his sugered wordes, Make your account to leese, what you him lend, For collourd craft, the smoothest speech affordes.
(5) My selfe haue tried, the trust of tatling tungs Who paynt their prates, as though they would performe: (The more my greefe) for they (which) whilome clungs, Like Bees (goods lost) sole left mee in the storme, +
Where I was fayne, in worldly woes to waue, (10) And seeke releefe, of former freends, no fie: Perforce constraynd, to seeke my selfe to saue, +Or els vnhelp’d, sance succor still to lye.
I made my mone, the greater was my greefe, To him which was, as seruant to my state: (15) But what preuayld, by proofe I found him cheefe, Who not of mee, but on my wealth did wate.

Donec eris foelix, multos numerabis amicos, Temporasi fuerint nubila, solus eris. +