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As Solomon whose wisdome recht vnto the lofty skye, And Dauid King, theyr prayses liue (though bodies tombed lye) (15) They saw the good, the euill they did eschue, Their honor liues, the proofe affirmes it true: Then sithe examples playnly, showes the same, Their prayses liue who seekes to merit fame.

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L O here the state of euery mortall wight, See here, the fine, of all their gallant ioyes: Beholde their pompe, their beauty and delight, Wherof they vaunt, as safe from all annoyes: (5) To earth the stout, the prowd, the ritch shall yeeld, The weake, the meeke, the poore, shall shrowded lye In dampish mould, the stout with Speare and Sheeld Cannot defend, himselfe when hee shal dye. The prowdest wight, for all his lyuely showes, (10) Shall leaue his pompe, cut of by dreadfull death: The ritch, whose Hutch, with golden Ruddocks flowes, At lenght shall rest, vncoynd in dampish earth: By Natures law, wee all are borne to dye, But where or when, the best vncertayne bee: (15) No time prefixt, no goods our life shall buye, Of dreadfull death, no freends shall set vs free. Wee subiect bee, a thousand wayes to death, Small sicknesse moues the valiaunts hart to feare: A litle push bereaues your breathing breath, (20) Of braue delights, wherto you subiect are: Your world is vayne, no trust in earth you finde, Your valyaunst prime, is but a brytle glasse: Your pleasures vade, your thoughts a puffe of winde, Your auncient yeres, are but a withered grasse.

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