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Beauty is a pleasant pathe to distruction. +

T Hrough beauties sugered baites, Our mindes seduced are: To filthy lustes to wicked vice, Whence issueth nought but care.
(5) For hauing tride the trothAnd seen the end of it: What wayle we more with greater greefe, Then want of better wit,
Because so lewd wee luld, (10) In that wee see is vayne: And follow that, the which to late, Compels vs to complayne.
The boast of Beauties brags, And gloze of louing lookes: (15) Seduce mens mindes as fishes are, Intic’d with bayted hookes.
Who simply thinking too, Obtayne the pleasant pray: Doth snatch at it, and witlesse so, (20) Deuoures her owne decay.
Euen like the mindes of men, Allurde with beauties bayt: To heapes of harmes, to carking care, Are brought, by such decaite.
(25) Lothus by proofe it proou’d, Perforce I needes must say: That beauty vnto ruinous end, Is as a pleasant way.