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[sig. Miiv]

Seeke how in youth to serue contented age, (30) Learne, how to lead, your life in vertues lore: Beholde you mee, attacht with death his page, Constraynd through want, my lewdnes to deplore.
What greefe more great, vnto a hauty hart, Then is distresse, by folly forste to fall: (35) What care more cruell or lothsom, (to depart From wealth to want) it greeues vs to the gall.
But what auayles to boast, or vaunt of vayne? What profit ist, to prayse a passed pryde? Sith it consum’d, is but a pinching payne, (40) A heape of harmes, whose hurt I wretch haue tryde.
A direfull dreed, a surge of sorowing sobs, A carking care, a mount of mestiue mone: A sacke of sin, coucht full of cankered knobs, A wauering weed, whose force is soone orethrone.
(45) For proofe behold, the boast of breathing breath, See see how soone, his valiaunst vaunt doth vade: Our pleasant prime, is subiect vnto death, By vices vrgde, in waues of wo to wade.
I know the state, and trust of euery tyme, (50) I see the shame, wherto eche vice doth cum: Therfore (by mee) learne how to leaue such crime, Foelix quem faciunt, aliena pericula cautum. +
Let mee your Mirror, learne you leaue whats lewd, My fall forepassed, let teach you to beware: (55) My auncient yeres with tryall tript, haue vewd, The vaunt of vice, to be but carking care.