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The fall of folly, exampled by needy Age. +

B Ehold mee here whose youth, to withered yeres, Doth bow and bend, compeld by crooked age: See here my lyms, whose strength benumbde weres, Whose pleasure spent, gray heares, bids to bee sage.
(5) But loe to late I lothe my life lewd spent, And wish in vayne, I had foreseene in youth: These drowsie dayes, which mooues mee to lament My idle youth prou’d, what therof ensueth.
Unstorde olde yeres, must serue for lusty prime, (10) These feebled ioynts, must seeke to serue their want: With tedious toyle, because I vsde not time, Loe thus I liue, suffisde perforce to scant.
In flaunting yeres, I flaunting florisht forth, Amid delight, puft vp, with puffing pryde: (15) Meane garments then, I deemed nothing worth, Nay, scace the best, might serue, my flesh to hide.
I thought them foes, which tolde mee of my fault, And iudgd them speake, of rigor, not good will: Who toulde of gayne, mee thought for hire did hault, (20) Then loe, I lothde what now I wish by skill.
Experience mooues mee mone, the more my greefe, In lyuely yeres, because I did not shun Such idle steps, least voyd of such releefe, As might haue helpt my age, now youth is dun.
(25) But what preuayles to wish I would I had, Sith time delayd, may not bee calde agayne: A guerdon iust, (for such as youth too bad Consumes, (it is) in time therfore take payne.