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(35) Where now too late, I lothe my life lewd spent, And wish I had, with vertue bin content.


A Louers lyfe. +

T He tedious toyle, the cares which Louers taste, The troubled thoughts, which moues their mindes to ||(feare: The pinching pangs, the dole which seemes to waste, Their lothsome life, deepe plungd in gulfes of care: (5) Would mooue ech shun, such snares of vayne delight, Which irksome be, though pleasant to the sight. The minde full fraught, with care enioyes no ease, A boyling brest, desires vnlawfull lust: The hart would haue, what best the minde doth please, (10) And fancy craues, the thing which is vniust. Beside eche frown, which eftsoones moues them deeme, They abiect are, if sad their Louers seeme. Or if occasion shun, their vsuall sight, Not seene, they thinke themselues vnminded bee: (15) And then in dumps, as mazd they leaue delight, And yeeld to greefe, till one, eche others see: So that with feare, their mindes are alwayes fraught. That liue in loue, experience some hath taught. Eche lowring frown, from mirth doth moue the minde, (20) One iesting worde, procures a thousand woes: So that lyke greefe or more, through sight they finde, Then absence sure, such cares fro fancy flowes: Such goring gripes, such heapes of hideous harmes, Such sorowing sobs, from daunted louers swarmes. (25) Rosamond a spowsed Dame, her husbands death procurde, For speaking but a worde in iest: Itrascus too, full thyrty yeares indurde, +The panges of loue, within his boyling brest: So that in greefe they harbor, still their mindes are cloyd with ||(care, (30) They diue in dole, they plunge in payne, & liue in cruell feare.