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The reward of Whoredome by the fall of Helen. +

F Rom Limbo Lake , where dismall feendes do lye, Where Pluto raignes, perpend Helenas cry: Where firy flames, where pittious howlings bee, Where bodyes burne: from thence giue eare to mee. (5) I am Helena shee, for whose vilde filthy fact, The stately Towers of Troy, the hauty Grecians sacte: High Troy, whose pompe, throughout the world did sound, In Cinders low, through mee was layd on ground. Kinge Priamus through mee, did end his life: (10) And Troians all almost, I was the cause of strife. I am that Dame, whose beauty passing braue, Dame Venus praysde, the golden Pome to haue: +Whose feature forste, Sir Paris boyling brest, To leaue his land, and seeke to be my guest. (15) That trull which tost, the surging Seas a maine, From Grecian shoare, to Troy vnto my paine. That flurt, whose gallant sproutinge prime, Through vilde abuse, was scorcht ere auncient time: I vertue shund, I lothd a modest mynde, (20) I wayd not fame, my beauty made mee blinde. Each braue delight, my masking minde allurde, My fancy deemed, my beauties gloze assurde: Such worthy fame, did sound of Helens hue,Although my deedes, reapt shame, and guerdon due. (25) In gorgious plumes, I maskt, puft vp with pride, In braue delights I liu’d, my fancy was my guide: But fie of filth, your world is all but vayne, Your pomp consumes, your deeds shall guerdon gaine: See here by mee, whose beauty might haue boast, (30) For splendant hue, throughout each forrain coast. But what preuayles, to vaunt of beauties glose, Or brag of pride, wheron dishonor growes: If I had vsde my gifts in vertues lore, And modest liud, my prayse had bin the more.