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[sig. Liiiv]

Thy vowes are vncertayne, thy wordes are but winde Willow willow willow willow. God graunt thy new louer, more trusty thee finde, (90) Willow willow willow willow?
Be warned then gallants, by proofe I vnfolde, Sing willow willow willow, Mayds loue is vncertayne, soone hot, and soone colde, Sing willow willow willow: (95) They turne as the reed, not trusty they stand, Which makes mee to weare the willow Garland: Willow willow willow, singe all of greene willow, Sing all of greene willow, shall bee my Garland.


A gloze of fawning freendship. +

N Ow cease to sing your Syren songes, I leaue ech braue delight Attempt no more the wounded corps, which late felt fortunes spight: But rather helpe to rue, with sorowing sobs come mone, My lucklesse losse from wealth to woe, by fickle fortune throwne. (5) I once had freends good store, for loue, (no drosse I tryde) For hauing lost my goods on Seas, my freends would not abide, Yet hauing neede I went to one, of all I trusted moste: To get releefe, hee answerd thus, go packe thou peuish poste. His wordes did pearce my tender brest, and I as mazde did stand (10) Requesting him with pitteous plaints, to giue his helping hand: Content thy selfe (quoth hee) to serue my owne estate, I haue not I, yet am I greeu’d to see thy lucklesse fate. Ah fie of fawning freends, whose eyes attentiue bee, To watch and warde for lukers sake, with cap and bended knee: (15) Would God I had not knowne, their sweet and sugered speach, Then had my greefe the lesser bin, experience mee doth teach.